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Cp Cheating Programs Warning.

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Cp Cheating Programs Warning.

Post  Robot2 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:04 am

Hello all,

I have a massive warning which may make you think twice about downloading your next cp cheating trainer/program.

Everyone know the trainer 'Cp Blizzard'? Yeah?

Well Cp Blizzard has been court stealing information from your computer, and sending it to the owners of the program. Which is basically a virus.

This virus may not harm your computer, but it sends all the information you do everyday to CpBlizzard's owners. As this may even be a keylogger (we havn't determined the virus yet).

To is un-detectable for the computer, so what we recommend you to do is, uninstall Cp Blizzard from your computer, don't just delete the icon, that does nothing, actually un-install it.

We arn't sure if other trainers are doing the same thing, but this is a very sneaky way in bring a virus into your computer.

- Robot2 (Fred)

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